Using Skupper with Minikube

These notes provide Minikube specific instructions for running Skupper examples.


Cluster access

Minikube does not offer a dedicated login command, but you can run the minikube update-context command in each console session you wish to configure. This initializes the required kubeconfigs in each case.

Console for West
export KUBECONFIG=$HOME/.kube/config-west
minikube update-context
Console for East
export KUBECONFIG=$HOME/.kube/config-east
minikube update-context

Running minikube tunnel

Skupper requires IP connectivity to at least one cluster in order to form links between clusters. If you are using Minikube to test Skupper, one of your Minikube clusters must have external network access. To enable network access, run minikube tunnel in the background after running minikube start.

Make sure you run minikube tunnel with the same kubeconfig and Minikube profile you used for minikube start. In the Hello World example, the tunnel is required only for the cluster containing the West namespace.

export KUBECONFIG=$HOME/.kube/config-west
minikube tunnel

The tunnel must run continuously while you are using it, so you will likely want to run it in its own console session, separate from the console you use to interact with the West namespace.

See Using minikube tunnel for more information.

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