skupper expose

Expose one or more network services


Expose one or more network services

skupper expose [host <hostname|ip>] [flags]


        # exposing a service running on the local machine
        skupper expose host host.containers.internal --address my-service --port 8080

        # exposing a local network IP
        skupper expose host --address my-service --port 8080

        # exposing a podman container connected to the same podman network
        skupper expose host my-container --address my-service --port 8080


      --address string                           The Skupper address to expose
      --aggregate string                         The aggregation strategy to use. One of 'json' or 'multipart'. If specified requests to this service will be sent to all registered implementations and the responses aggregated.
      --container-name string                    Use a different container name
      --enable-ingress-from-target-site string   Determines whether access to the Skupper service is enabled in the site the target was exposed through. Always (default) or Never are valid values.
      --event-channel                            If specified, this service will be a channel for multicast events.
      --generate-tls-secrets                     If specified, the service will be exposed over TLS
  -h, --help                                     help for expose
      --host-ip string                           Host IP address used to bind service ports
      --host-port strings                        The host ports to bind with the service (you can also use colon to map service-port to a host-port).
      --label stringToString                     Labels to the new service (comma separated list of key and value pairs split by equals (default [])
      --port ints                                The ports to expose on
      --protocol string                          The protocol to proxy (tcp, http, or http2) (default "tcp")
      --target-port strings                      The ports to target on pods

Options inherited from parent commands

      --platform string   The platform type to use [kubernetes, podman]