Skupper security

Skupper securely connects your services with TLS authentication and encryption. See how Skupper enables you to deploy your application securely across Kubernetes clusters.

Security challenges in the cloud

Moving an application to the cloud raises security risks. Either your services must be exposed to the public internet, or you must adopt complex layer 3 network controls like VPNs, firewall rules, and access policies.

Increasing the challenge, layer 3 network controls do not extend easily to multiple clusters. These network controls must be duplicated for each cluster.

Built-in network isolation

Skupper provides default, built-in security that scales across clusters and clouds. In a Skupper network, the connections between Skupper routers are secured with mutual TLS using a private, dedicated certificate authority (CA). Each router is uniquely identified by its own certificate.

clusters tls

This means that the Skupper network is isolated from external access, preventing security risks such as lateral attacks, malware infestations, and data exfiltration.