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Multicloud communication for Kubernetes

Skupper is a layer 7 service interconnect. It enables secure communication across Kubernetes clusters with no VPNs or special firewall rules.

With Skupper, your application can span multiple cloud providers, data centers, and regions.

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Simple to set up

No changes to your existing application required

No administrator privileges required

Transparent HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, gRPC, and TCP communication

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Secure by design

Communicate across clusters without exposing service ports on the internet

Inter-cluster communication is secured by mutual TLS

Skupper runs without elevated privileges

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Connect anywhere

Multicloud, hybrid cloud, and edge-to-edge connectivity

Secure access from the public cloud to private cloud services without VPNs

Add and remove new clusters dynamically

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Smart routing

Dynamic load balancing based on service capacity

Cost- and locality-aware traffic forwarding

Redundant routes for high availability in the face of network failures

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Deploy a multi-cluster network

See how you can use Skupper to create a network of clusters in which a Kubernetes service on one cluster can be accessed from any other.

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Access data in a private cluster

See how Skupper can enable you to host a PostgreSQL database in a private cluster and then access it from two other public clusters.

Example code and tutorial

A multi-cluster microservices app

See how you can deploy the HTTP-based Bookinfo application from the Istio project with no changes to the application code.

Example code and tutorial