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Multicloud communication for Kubernetes

Skupper is a layer 7 service interconnect. It enables secure communication across Kubernetes clusters with no VPNs or special firewall rules.

With Skupper, your application is not confined to one cluster. It can span multiple cloud providers, data centers, and regions. Learn more.

Simple and secure

Transparent HTTP and TCP communication

Installation requires no administrator privileges

No changes to your existing application code or network

Secured by mutual TLS

Get started

Connect anywhere

Multicloud, hybrid cloud, and edge-to-edge connectivity

Secure access to private cloud services without VPNs

Connect and disconnect new clusters dynamically

Seamless service propagation


Advanced routing

Global load balancing that responds to changes in service capacity

Cost-based and locality-aware traffic forwarding

Redundant routes for high availability in the face of network failures


Deploy a multi-cluster network

See how you can use Skupper to create a network of clusters in which a Kubernetes service on one cluster can be accessed from any other.

Access data in a private cluster

See how Skupper can enable you to host a PostgreSQL database in a private cluster and then access it from two other public clusters.